TOP 10 Comic Book Fan Films

top 10 fan films

Fan films.  You make them.  I love them.

There’s been no shortage of quality fan flicks over the past few years, thanks to a tacit truce between those who own the rights and we few who illegally use them, but recently Marvel/Disney transformed into giant copyright enforcing dicks.  They’ve attacked some of the latest fan films, like amazing Marvel Zombies vs Army of Darkness fan film or The Dead Can’t Be Distracted, removing them from the most famous social sharing sites (a death sentence to a small, passion project) .

Since these bad boys are being chased out of town, I thought I would take a moment to talk about my top 10 comic book fan films, before they’re all taken down.

Now, mind you, I’ve placed these in no particular order, as they all share an equal spot in my heart. Well, that, and my tastes fluctuate with the seasons, so today’s #1 might be tomorrow’s #10.

As a Dick Grasyon fan this was one of my fan favorite characters, in this Trailer we really get a chance to see what Batman’s sidekick would do if something was to happen to Batman. It is fan trailers like this that truly make you wish for a full legnth feature film.

2.Batman: Dead End

Batman: Dead End came as a shock to fans, in this amazing fan Film Batman goes up against an unlikely foe and even better is the surprise ending.

3.Spiderman: The Green Goblin’s Last Stand
This fan film was reportedly made in the 90’s and although it isn’t the prettiest Fan Film I would have loved to see this when I was when I was young enough to wear my Spider-man Pajamas. It is actually really well done for its time and would have made a great TV series, much better than the 70’s.

4.Batman vs. Killer Croc and Poison Ivy
Bat in the Sun Production’s Batman work is absolutely legendary and I am sure they have made the list more than once, but this fan film stood out all for the simple fact I love Nightwing and it was nice seeing the ending pan out the way it did.

5. Batman City of Scars
Yet again, Bat In the Sun pulls off what I not only think is the coolest Batman cowl but also captures the dark knight how he should be, it is almost like a graphic novel coming to life.

6.The Punisher: Dirty Laundary
This was an absolute surprise when I first seen it, it was so awesome seeing who I consider would of the coolest Punisher, Thomas Jane. Out of no where we got an unofficial sequel to The Punisher and this one fan film completely made up for the time that Marvel wasted with The Punisher War Zone.

7.LOBO ParaMilitary Christmas Special
One Christmas I was invited to watch one of Dc’s biggest bad asses, Lobo was so close to perfect in this fan film it is a shame we never seen more of this character. Perhaps one day we will get a decent full length Lobo film.

8.Batman Arkham Asylum Fan Film
The reason this fan film made the list is because it happens to be the most bizarre Batman fan film that I have ever seen, although it isn’t in English give this short a try, in fact to me it is a masterpiece of film making and gives you one scary Batman.

9.The Dark Knight Legacy
To me this fan film was some what of a tease, I loved the costume but after watching it it was yet another fan film that leaves you wanting more, the only thing that could have made this Jason Todd fan film any better is if Jensen Ackles was the one under the helmet at the end.