While THE DARK KNIGHT RISES was expected to put fewer butts in the sits than its predecessor THE DARK KNIGHT, I don’t think anyone expected this newest Bat-flick to undersell Tim Burton’s 1989 effort.

That’s right, the Michael Keaton flavor Bruce Wayne has sold more tickets than TDKR, about 10 million by recent projections. I suppose this might be a shocker to the blind fanboy-ier masses, but upon closer inspection… I guess it makes sense?

BATMAN (the movie!) was one of the biggest flicks of its time. It was the highest cinematic art for comic book fans in the 90’s, until the release of Blade, which almost completely ignored its panel flipping roots.

But back to the issue at hand… How can the latest Caped Crusader flicks, with so much fan fervor, fall short?

What does this mean about Nolan’s latest film? Is it THAT¬†¬†disappointing? Or is the combination of pirating and streaming to blame? What say you?


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  • Anshuman1017

    Aurora tragedy + piracy + bigger focus on IMAX = lower ticket sales. TDKR is much more of a cinematic landmark than 89’s Batman!

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=15935803 Fats Mclemlich

      I would agree with your first part. I think there’s just too big of an impact in Domestic sales from the Aurora tragedy. Although, I’m not sure if TDKR is a bigger cinematic landmark. I think it falls flatly after The Dark Knight, and therefore won’t be the BIG DEAL that it’s meant to be.

      • Anshuman1017

        That’s because The Dark Knight is a masterpiece whereas TDKR was far from it. It was, though, as a film, MUCH better than ‘Batman’!

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=15935803 Fats Mclemlich

          I think that BATMAN was a bigger deal in cineams than TDKR. Nothing had been done like that before