Thunderbirds are GO! ITV Comission New Series of Iconic Puppet Show

50 years since it’s initial release the king of puppet shows is returning to the small screen! British channel ITV have announced that they will air a new 26 episode series of the cult classic show which will be a hybrid of CGI and model work for a 2015 air date.

“Oh but they already did a CGI Captain Scarlet show and that sucked” I hear you say (or maybe not as the show was very forgettable) well fret not as WETA themselves are involved with the new Thunderbird show. Speaking about the announcement Richard Taylor, co-owner of Pukeko Pictures and Weta Workshop, said: “It is thrilling to think we have the opportunity to work with ITV on this new series inspired by this most wonderful of British shows. I personally, together with the teams here at Pukeko Pictures and Weta Workshop, look forward to designing and creating an inspirational world that will engage the imagination of a whole new generation as it did for us nearly half a century ago.”

Hopefully the show will pay a fitting tribute to creator Gerry Anderson who sadly passed away in December of last year, and inspire a brand new generation of fans.