Thoughts on an Enter the Dragon Remake

Please welcome my friend Michelle Goth

David Leitch the director of Deadpool 2 may be taking on a re-make of Enter the Dragon.  While most fans of the original will undoubtedly believe this is a bad idea, I see an interesting potential in it.  After the abomination that is Birth of a Dragon, I realized that there hasn’t been a film released yet that truly celebrates Bruce Lee’s legacy.  Dragon the Bruce Lee story was a nice attempt, but falls short in a numerous areas.  First and foremost because Bruce Lee had a screen presence that elevated even his weakest films.  It simply can’t be duplicated.

If the Enter the Dragon remake is in fact a sequel to the original it could have an interesting potential.  Warner Bros was planning on turning the film into a franchise prior to Lee’s death, and there were a few drafted scripts put together.  So if we must have an Enter the Dragon remake, make it a true sequel.  The film’s star should play a student of Bruce Lee’s Lee character.  This new Enter the Dragon can use footage from Enter the Dragon and what Lee shot for Game of Death (all the yellow track suit footage) in flashback/allegory sequences.  Lee can be the mentor of a new character who this potential franchise is built around.  This will allow long time fans to see Lee back of the big screen and he can be celebrated for what he created rather than imitated by great performers, who simply cannot capture what he was and represented.


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