The Immortal Hulk: Top 5 Feats You Didn’t Know

“When an experimental fusion reactor started melting down, Bruce used the Hulk to absorb all of its radiation.[270] However, the new type of radiation being used on the plant threatened to cause the Hulk to detonate. The Hulk’s friend Amadeus Cho assisted the Hulk, and in the process of saving his life, he used special nanites to transfer Banner’s powers to himself.[271] Even though he had become effectively gamma-free,[272] Bruce started experimenting on himself with gamma-irradiated cells at his laboratory in Utah.[273] Bruce’s experiments caused him to become the target of one of the visions of an Inhuman precognitive named Ulysses Cain, who foretold that Bruce would eventually transform into the Hulk and cause an onslaught.[274] When a contingent of superheroes confronted Bruce Banner about the vision, they learned of his experiments. Banner became agitated, and Hawkeye shot him in the head with an arrow equipped with a special custom-built tip.[273] It was eventually revealed during Hawkeye’s trial that the arrow tip had been provided by Bruce Banner himself, and he had requested Clint to shoot him if it even became apparent that he would again transform into the Hulk.[273]”

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The full transcript:

Scene 1
Top 5 Feats You Didn’t KnowThe Immortal Hulk
Scene 2
#5 One-Punched Thor
The Immortal Hulk is such a beast that he one-punched Thor, knocking a tooth clean out.
Scene 3
#4 One-Upped The Silver Surfer
Silver Surfer and Namor had a really hard time fighting Nebulon, but The Immortal Hulk could handle it.
Scene 4
#3 Shrugged Off Hercules and Foster-Thor
These are 2 of Marvel’s biggest fighters, depending on the writers of course, and The Immortal Hulk shrugged them off.
Scene 5
#2 Defeated Ghost Rider
Ghost Rider is the weird hero is both street level and omnipotent… The Immortal Hulk beat him nonetheless.
Scene 6
#1 Ate The Face of a Face-eating demon
You read that right. There are demons. They eat faces. Well, The Immortal Hulk decided to eat their faces. Metal!
Scene 7
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