The DOCTOR WHO Exit Rumours for Peter Capaldi Have Begun

It’s become a UK tradition for the tabloids in this country to run stories about how the current Doctor is set to leave, typically around a year into their reign. It happened with Christopher Eccleston (although that was actually true), it happened with David Tennant, it happened with Matt Smith and now it’s happened to Peter Capaldi, the Twelfth Doctor.

The Mirror is reporting that because Jenna Coleman has decided to leave her role of Clara Oswald, BBC execs are worried Capaldi will soon jump ship too. Therefore, they’re “discreetly drawing up future plans for the show and throwing around a few names as potential new Doctors.” Not only that, but Game of Thrones‘ own Robb Stark, Richard Madden, is apparently the top of the list.


“Jenna’s decision to leave has shaken executives and they are now worried Peter will follow suit.

Madden already has a connection to the show; he’s the boyfriend of Coleman (lucky bastard), regularly visits the set and has previously expressed his enthusiasum for all things Doctor Who. As amusing as it would be to watch the show be fronted by a real-life couple, it’s definitely for the best that Madden didn’t end up playing the Twelfth Doctor. His name was bandied about after Smith’s exit, though, so it’s no surprise to read he could be looked at for the inevitable Thirteenth. As well as Game of Thrones, Madden was in Disney’s Cinderella remake from earlier this year and recently starred in the BBC adaptation of Lady Chatterley’s Lover – so he’s no stranger to the corporation.

“He is young and has a great fan base. He proved a huge hit as Mellors in Lady ­Chatterley’s Lover and BBC executives are keen to work more with him. He also has the added bonus of being a huge sci-fi fan.”

Supposedly, Peter Capaldi has admitted he finds the work schedule “tiring,” not leaving enough time for other projects. While it is a year-round commitment and he’s 57, he’s pretty energetic and active. It’s also worth remembering that this is his dream job. Out of all the previous Doctors, Capaldi is definitely the biggest fan. He regularly wrote letters to the BBC about the show as well as Patrick Troughton (the Second Doctor – probably all of the others, too), had an article of his appear in a fanzine, heavily campaigned to be the leader of the Official Doctor Who Fan Club, watches classic episodes in his spare time and visits the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff. He’s a massive fucking nerd, and it’s brilliant. You can tell from his on screen presence that he’s having the time of his life and why would he want to give that up before he needs to?

While it’s entirely possible and likely that the BBC are planning ahead, Capaldi isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.