The Doctor Meditates in New DOCTOR WHO Prequel


At the time of publication, the ninth series of Doctor Who is less than an hour away from airing, so make sure to pump this awesome new prequel into your brain before you sit down to watch The Magician’s Apprentice!

Last week, the BBC released the first Series 9 prequel, showcasing the Doctor checking up with the Sisterhood of Karn, whom we last saw in Night of the Doctor. These prequels have been going for a few years now, serving as little online shorts to add some backstory to a particular episode or for a pure fun. While that was very brooding and atmospheric, this one is much more fun and Who-ish, featuring the Doctor in Medieval England with a bumbling knight at his side. Check it out!

The prequel was originally posted to the Doctor Who Facebook page, but they suck with embedding. Screw you Facebook!

I made sure not to read any major spoilers for The Magician’s Apprentice – or the rest of Series 9, for that matter – so I really have no idea what relevance Medieval England and wells have to the new series. Nonetheless, it was quirky and enjoyable, so hopefully the same will be said for the episode later on. Not long now…

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