The Art of STEAMPUNK (Revised Second Edition) Review

Steampunk is a fast growing thing. Much like My Little Pony, the internet has transformed it into a phenomenon that will forever be embedded in our culture. If you’re reading this you fall into one of two camps. The first camp is comprised of total experts on the genre, they know virtually everything about it. Then there’s camp two, where you’ve heard of Steampunk, (because everyone on the internet has) but don’t really know too much about it or where it originated from. Steampunk is a very unique type of art. From drawings to sculptures to clothing, it’s all over the place. As stated in the book, most people outside the internet have yet to be enlightened. But as more comics, video games, and movies embrace this art, everyone will get to see just how unique it is. This artbook is the perfect gateway into this captivating 19th century world, a must-buy for anyone wanting to know what’s the big deal about Steampunk.

Welcome to the world of Steampunk: a unique fantasy version of nineteenth century Victorian England imbued with today’s technology, resulting in devices and contraptions that seem to have sprung from the mind of a mad twenty-first century scientist. The “steam” refers to steam power – as in fire-breathing machines of antique locomotion. The “punk” is an important reference to an outsider attitude.

In The Art of Steampunk, 2nd Edition, you’ll discover the captivating and dynamic world of this emerging genre through the creative vision of today’s leading Steampunk artists. This new edition expands on the art featured in the world’s first museum exhibit of Steampunk, held at The Museum of the History of Science at Oxford University in England with a look at all new, never seen before artists.

No longer satisfied with the plastic design of today’s mass-produced products, these artists are crafting a romantic new standard for modern goods by applying the characteristics of Steampunk. Their artwork consists of everything from jewelry and watches to light fixtures and clocks, every piece demonstrating hours of painstaking work and unlimited devotion. You will find that many of the artists are as unique and colorful as their masterpieces, often adopting alter egos of Victorian mad scientists and world explorers, allowing themselves to become fully immersed int he imaginative and exciting world of Steampunk.

Art Donovan is the author, he perfectly shows the reader through words just how magical the artwork is. In his ‘introduction’ page, he talks about the history of Steampunk from its early internet days to having its own exhibit at Oxford. It really gives you a newfound respect for the genre. However, the best read is the four page ‘Steampunk 101’ by G.D. Falksen. In it Falksen answers the questions on every newcomer’s minds, such as what is Steampunk and where did it come from. After just reading that the reader can have a pretty good idea of what Steampunk is. Now this being an artbook, the rest of these pages are filled with absolutely wonderful pieces. You will be blown by some of these things, such as Daniel Proulux’s Beholder Robot Sculpture and Ian Crichton’s The Lady Raygun. Every page after the foreword is filled with wonderful devices, artwork, and Victorian takes on things like laptops and MP3 players. It is truly glorious.

The book features key profiles of the people behind these great inventions and art. It’s great because while Steampunk has made its way into media, (as seen in some comics and video games) it’s more of a personal art. So it’s very nice to be able to read about the people whom created such masterpieces. The Art of Steampunk (Revised Second Edition) is Available on Amazon at a very affordable cost. It will show you that the genre is much more than the gas masks its known for, it’s a very unique art and after reading you’ll be inspired.


Daniel is no artist, but he appreciates some fine drawings, paintings, and sculptures. You can follow him on Twitter: @Destroyer_199