TEEN TITANS GO! “Uncle Jokes” Review

As you can tell from the title, this is one of the stranger non-surreal Titans Go! episodes. Was that a good thing? SPOILERS!

In this segment, Starfire (Hynden Walch) wants to become a comedian, like Beast Boy (Greg Cipes) and Cyborg (Khary Payton), so she goes to them for advice. They agree to teach her the art of jokes and slang – but Robin (Scott Menville) isn’t pleased, because this threatens to destroy the social balance of the Teen Titans!

This episode….wasn’t that good, sadly. Once again, Cyborg and Beast Boy are annoying….and then they cause Starfire to become annoying, too. And by the end of the episode, Robin is pretty unbearable himself!


Part of the reason is…the whole episode makes a point to say “BB and Cyborg are really hilarious! But Robin is lame and tells old man jokes!” The problem is…Cyborg and Beast Boy’s jokes aren’t particularly funny, and the ones they teach Starfire aren’t either. Not that Robin’s are any funnier….but I couldn’t tell much of a difference!

Another problem I had with the episode was the crude humor. Stay classy, guys, but why bring cute Starfire into it? The normally funny Robin, in the climax, reached new levels of insane; he gets a split personality for various reasons, and starts to wreck the garden gnomes (yeah…).

The worst part of the episode, though, might be the message. In the end, the two guys tell Starfire they can’t hang out anymore, because it would wreck the “balance”. Um, what?

There were some funny scenes, like Raven quietly giggling at Robin’s jokes, and there is one kinda catchy rap song, but otherwise, this was generally an annoying episode.


  • Raven has a funny scene
  • Catchy rap song
  • Generally annoying episode
  • Crude humor
  • Pretty bad message