TEEN TITANS GO! “Pirates” Review

In the latest Teen Titans Go! episode, Aqualad finally guest stars. Was the wait worth it?

You’d think that Aqualad (Wil Wheaton) would be disturbed when the Titans eat many of his fish friends during a barbeque, but actually, he could care less. See, he has his eyes on Raven (Tara Strong), and he means to win her over.

Beast Boy (Greg Cipes) doesn’t like this at all, but its hard to compete with a guy who can control his fish to do the coolest things. Will Aqualad get the girl?


This was a reasonably funny episode, part of it being Aqualad. Fans will be happy to know that Wheaton reprises the role from the original Teen Titans series, and his line delivery is always funny. I especially liked an argument he had with Beast Boy; BB is yelling, and Aqualad is calmly rebuking him.

Raven also gets some pretty cool scenes. In one instance, she and Aqualad go on a date, where Aqualad shows off by having his fish do fancy tricks. Raven isn’t impressed….until Aqualad has his sharks eat the other fish. Raven liked that. I also liked her reaction when someone asked her if she had seen Aqualad’s booty. Umm.

Negative wise, the whole pirate sub-plot, which isn’t really a sub-plot, is pretty pointless. Its only here for a sight gag at the end.


But funny episode, and its always nice to see guest stars on the show.

  • Aqualad is a cool guest star, good voice actor
  • Humorously dark scenes
  • Some cool visual gags
  • Beast Boy can still be annoying
  • Pirate jokes are pointless