TEEN TITANS GO! “Nature” Review

The latest episode of Titans Go! was a Beast Boy wilderness episode. Was it as annoying as most Beast Boy segments?

After Beast Boy (Greg Cipes) almost sabotages a mission when is unable to use his animal powers, Robin (Scott Menville) deduces that Beast Boy need to re-connect with his wild side, so the green Titan heads deep in the forest, where he will live by himself for a length of time. Will Beast Boy survive the experience?

Well, as I live and breathe – a Beast Boy episode I actually really like, where the green dude isn’t too annoying or aggravating? It must be a miracle. But yes, I daresay this is the funniest Beast Boy episode in the whole show. The concept is also pretty good.

Most of the humor, of course, comes from Beast Boy’s attempts to live in the wild. He may be able to turn into animals, but he is still a city boy, and even just lighting a fire seems impossible, and even the turtles are scary. I also liked a scene near the beginning, where Beast Boy accidentally manages to topple a huge robot.

TTG Nature3

Beast Boy also doesn’t understand nature; when BB finally meets Mother Nature, his idea to help the animals actually possibly wrecks the ecosystem. But whatever, tacos. Cipes does a good job voicing Beast Boy throughout.

More of a weak spot is Robin, who’s antics borderline on annoying, not humorous, as he slowly becomes a Tarzan type character. The change is pretty abrupt, although the other Titan’s reactions are laugh-worthy.

An enjoyable episode, where Beast Boy isn’t annoying, and where the show actually earns the TV-PG rating by not shying away from animal-eat-animal world? Recommended. Oh, and one character doesn’t live past the ending!

TTG Nature2

  • Beast Boy is actually enjoyable, good voice actor
  • Many funny scenes in the wilderness
  • Interesting concept
  • Robin replaces Beast Boy as annoying one
  • Some animal scenes maybe too intense for younger children