TEEN TITANS GO! “Money Grandma” Review

Sorry for the late review, but…it was worth it, as this was a very good episode. To celebrate July 4, Cartoon Network aired this special episode, featuring….George Washington!

In this episode, Robin (Scott Menville) decides to hold the annual vote to decide who will be the leader. This is pointless, since Robin is the only member who ever runs for leadership, but don’t tell him! Annoyed with him, Raven (Tara Strong) uses her dark magic, erm, time machine, to summon the greatest leader ever – George Washington.


After various events, Robin and Washington become rivals, in a political war to become the leader of the Teen Titans! Who will come out on top?

This was a very good episode, much better than the Christmas one. The whole episode is consistently funny, mostly thanks to an over-zealous Robin, voiced masterfully by Menville, and the surprise that is Washington. For the most part, I love how he was handled. He kicked butt, literally.


Robin always makes me laugh, and seeing the lengths he’ll go to stay leader, even when he doesn’t have to, is hilarious. And Washington has a calm demeanor, but he can get tough when he has too. The climactic battle between him and Robin is amazing.

The only negative…a mild fart joke that, while not awful, is so pointless, it feels unnecessary.

Otherwise, I recommend this. Its a great episode, not to mention an overall great July 4 episode. Go America!


  • Very funny overall
  • Robin and Washington are standouts
  • Final fight scene is funny, and yet genuinely awesome
  • A minor fart joke isn't really necessary