TEEN TITANS GO! “Más y Menos” Review

This week’s episode featured special guest-stars Mas y Menos, who long-time fans will remember as the Spanish-speaking twins from the original series. Spoilers.

Robin (Scott Menville) gets all excited when he learns that Mas y Menos will be coming to the Titans Tower to learn from their elders. Not confident in his team-mate’s ability to teach, Robin tries to get the two boys to focus on him. However, the siblings start becoming chummy with the other Titans, and Robin can’t have that…

One of the gripes some people had with the siblings in the original Teen Titans cartoon was that the siblings weren’t usually given subtitles. In Go, they have rectified this. And thats a good thing, because these boys have plenty to say; one of the running jokes in the episode is that instead of the Titans teaching them, they end up learning important life lessons from the young Hispanic duo. Sadly, I couldn’t tell if their original VA reprised the role at the time of this review.


Robin, meanwhile, continues to be the funniest Titan, with his over-the-top and serious way of handling things, although his extreme measures may be too much for some fans. Kicking out one of the siblings was pretty mean, although its amusing that said sibling went on a wild goose chase after being given virtually no hints!

The episode climaxes with a surprisingly competent, yet funny and enjoyable chase scene. If this doesn’t prove that Raven’s mantra is a few syllables too long, nothing will. And Beast Boy? Cheetah’s don’t have the best stamina. The ending is pretty dark though. Yeah, as usual, someone dies!

Oh, and the episode’s final, final scene is another humorous parody of the “moral learned” scene. Apparently, some people never learn…

Oh, and dat Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cameo…


  • Mas y Menos are fun guest stars
  • Robin is still very amusing
  • Ending is exciting AND funny
  • Robin maybe goes too far
  • Some fans will hate a certain death