TEEN TITANS GO! “Little Buddies” Review

Everyone needs a little buddy, even the Titans. Was this episode fun to watch, though?

After defeating Brother Blood, Cyborg (Khary Payton) decides that he wants to keep Pain Bot (the torture robot from the “Waffles” segment) as a buddy. Seeing as how Pain Bot is a machine literally built to torture people, the other Titans are understandable uncomfortable with this situation.

Cyborg and Pain Bot try to keep their friendship anyway, but the other Titans try to stop them. Finally, it culminates in a “Little Buddy Showdown”. Who will survive?


This episode, despite the silly summary, is pretty funny, actually. Pain Bot, a robot filled with weapons, trying to do ordinary things like shake hands and make a sandwich, leads to some humorous moments. It also has a priceless exchange with Beast Boy (Greg Cipes).

Another thing I admired about this segment was, for once, a sense of continuity. Aside from Pain Bot appearing again, we also get appearances from many other buddies from throughout the series. For example; Robin’s talking batarang and boom box make an appearance, as does the Robin that got its own zipline. Of course, Silkie appears to. Fans will be pleased.

No spoilers, but the showdown between the sidekick is the best part, resulting in a scene you may see coming (but will still enjoy), and a scene afterwards that will make you chuckle.


So, yeah, pretty good episode. I hope some of the buddies stick around for future appearances. And watch out for the Cyborg/Pain Bot duet!

  • Over-all funny
  • Sense of continuity rare for this show
  • Pain Bot and Cyborg chemistry
  • Some jokes are kinda clichéd.