TEEN TITANS GO! “Grandma Voice” Review

This week’s Teen Titan’s Go! was about a split-personality. Deep, or dumb?

The Titans are used to dealing with elderly villains. Brother Blood, Mother Mae-Eye, etc. But they soon come across the one elderly person they can’t deal with: Cyborg’s grandma! Well, not technically. See, Cyborg (Khary Payton), as a joke, started speaking like his grandma. The other Titans thought it was funny. Hours later: Cyborg is still doing the voice, and its not so funny anymore to the Titans. Cyborg has been using the voice so much…he seems to honestly believe that he is his grandma!

OK, this episode has one major problem: it takes a joke that would have been funny once, and stretches out through the whole episode. The whole “grandma” voice was funny at first. But, like the Titans, I soon grew bored at it. It even gets kind of uncomfortable when Cyborg begins dressing as a woman. He even gives Robin (Scott Menville) a little kiss!


The voice itself is fine. Broadway actress Roz Ryan gives it energy and life. Its as sassy as any grandma you ever knew, and if it wasn’t so dragged, I’d say it was the best performance in this episode!

Our guest star villain of the week is Mother Mae-Eye. I’m no fan of hers, so her inclusion left me pretty indifferent. Fans will be happy to know that Billie Hayes reprises the role from the original Teen Titans series. Her showdown with Cyborg is mildly funny.

Anyway….I find that I don’t have much else to say about the episode, and the reason is obvious. Its all one joke.


  • Cyborg's granny voice is very well done
  • Climax fight is entertaining
  • Whole episode is stretched out joke, gets old fast
  • Nothing much to it