TEEN TITANS GO! “Dreams” Review

This week’s Teen Titans Go! episode had a pretty simple plot. Did it work? SPOILERS!

The concept is simple. One night, the Titans go to bed. And we get to see all their dreams. Not much to it. And yet, its one of the most entertaining episodes in awhile.

All the dreams reflect their personalities, and as someone says in the episode, their secret desires! I liked how each character’s dream changed animation depending on personality and story. Starfire’s (Hynden Walch) dream has happy, pastel colors and kittens, Cyborg’s (Khary Payton) plays out like an old-school platforming game with sprites, and Beast Boy’s (Greg Cipes) isn’t even animated!


Robin (Scott Menville) may have the stand-out though; his dream uses ACTUAL FOOTAGE from the original Teen Titans cartoon and film! As if that wasn’t amazing enough, all the lines featured are re-dubbed, to very, very humorous effect. Lets just say that Robin may be more full of himself than we thought!

Raven’s (Tara Strong) may be the biggest surprise…or not, depending on what you expected! The way it ends will make you laugh, and then feel guilty about it. Hers gets dark…..

Over-all, a really entertaining episode that can also work as a visionary experience. Completely recommended.


  • Over-all humorous
  • Dreams are visually inventive and pleasing
  • Some cool plot twists
  • At least one dream is kinda boring