TEEN TITANS GO! “Brian” Review

A whole episode dedicated to the Teen Titan’s “little buddies”. How will this fare?

The Titans are captured by the nefarious Brain (Scott Menville). He tortures them, but he does feed them, so I guess he isn’t heartless. Meanwhile, the little buddies, who have been partying for over half a year, realize that they need to step up to save their friends! But can they?

For those who forgot, the little buddies consist of minor characters that have appeared sporadically throughout the show. The members are the talking birdarang (also Scott Menville), Cyborg’s pet dog, the sentient boom box, the super-powered robin, and Pain-Bot! Since most of them can’t talk, I was worried the episode would not be engaging. But it totally is!

This is the funniest episode of season two so far! Somehow, all the members of this little group are funny in their own way, but most of them can actually fight too! The climax is surprisingly exciting, as all the members attack a spruced up Brain!


The sub-plot, with the Titans trapped, and Robin (again, Scott Menville) excitedly but redundantly trying to escape, is hilarious. Apparently, Robin has been trying non-stop to escape their cell, but whenever he fails, Brain zaps them all, leading all the Titans to start hating Robin!

Of course, part of the fault lies with the other Titans. They eventually accept their fate as prisoners, which annoys Robin. His final plan seemingly can actually work, but by then, it doesn’t matter anymore. Menville needs props; all three characters he voices sound completely different, and he voices them all well.

So, yeah. Just when you thought the Guardians of the Galaxy were the only funny, misfit team….this episode came along. Give it a watch!


  • The little team is very funny
  • Actually exciting, action-packed climax
  • Robin's sub-plot is hillarious
  • Good voice acting
  • While funny, the other Titans give up pretty easily