TEEN TITANS GO! “Brain Food” Review

Any Teen Titans fan will tell you that Beast Boy (Greg Cipes) is the dumb one of the group. Can he change that?

In “Brain Food“, Beast Boy gets discouraged when his team-mates treat him like an idiot. Granted, he can’t even follow a simple order like, “hold this glass vial”, but still! Why shouldn’t he be treated equally?

So, he devises some smart (not really) plans to get smarter, including shoving “brain food” into his ear. When all else fails, he decides to do what any smart person would do: use Raven’s demonic book to make everyone else dumber than he is! But will the results be worth it?


This is one of those episodes that’s pretty funny, while towing the line of either being too dumb, or just going too far. Obviously, the characters in Titans Go! can be parodies of themselves from the original series, but wow! When showing how dumb Beast Boy is, they go all the way!

He can’t open doors, and he can’t even open books for crying out loud. He shoves food into his ears, thinking it’ll make him smarter. Apparently, dumb people can’t even pour cereal, because they put the bowl upside down. Frankly, some of this can be…uncomfortable, almost as if we’re watching a mentally challenged person. And his team-mates aren’t really that nice to him either.

Still…in a guilty way, it’s all laugh-inducing. Note the irony of how Beast Boy can use the demonic book to make himself smarter…and instead, makes everyone else dumber than he is. In a sub-plot, Silkie becomes a genius instead, which leads to some funny results.

Props to Greg Cipes. His voice can grate on me, but he does a pretty good job here. The rest of the cast are perfectly fine, too.


So…yeah, a dumb episode. But its funny, as long as some of the jokes don’t rub you the wrong way, and if Beast Boy doesn’t make you pull your hair out.

  • Some very funny jokes
  • Solid voice acting
  • Humorous sub-plot with Silkie
  • Some jokes go to far with the dumb thing, can get awkward
  • Beast Boy can still be very annoying
  • The other Titans can be jerks