TEEN TITANS GO! “Birds” Review

Its time for another Teen Titans Go! review. Does this one take flight, or is it for the birds?

Robin (Scott Menville) feels pretty secure as Titan leader. Why wouldn’t he be? He’s smart, has loyal friends, and has a pretty sweet name (if he says so himself). But that all changes one fateful day, when he goes to clean the chimney (which…I guess the Titan’s Tower has now).

What he finds are…two mockingbirds. In anger, Robin douses them in chemicals, which mutates them into two buff, hip, and “cool” human-sized mockingbirds. And these two guys take over the tower, charm Robin’s friends, and basically replace him in everyway. Now what? TTG_ep41_Birds_Still03 This episode has it’s ups and downs. The opening scene is pretty jarring. I didn’t like it, but it got my attention. After that….my attention wavered.

The two jock mockingbirds are pretty funny actually, the way they just muscle in on Robin’s turf. They’re accents are done well too, and, well, they were fun to watch. The rest…meh. Robin, voiced superbly by Menville, as always, basically gets to over-react a lot, and the other Titans are portrayed as traitors and idiots, but not in a funny way. Oh, ha ha, Starfire (Hynden Walch) loves anything with muscles. I…guess she’s easy?

Robin needs to buff up! But, not a bad episode, if you don’t mind lots of obvious bird jokes. And the conclusion is maybe a bit abrupt, although I liked the very, very ending. If this were a film, I would hope for a sequel….one with a better climax. TTG_ep41_Birds_Still02

  • Solid voice acting for Robin
  • The antagonistic mockingbirds were funny
  • Epic cliff-hanger ending
  • Some strong jokes
  • Obvious jokes
  • Other Titans portrayed badly, even for this show
  • Robin can be annoyingly one-note
  • Animation might too random for some people