STAR WARS REBELS Adds More Villainy With Agent Kallus, A.K.A. The Rebel Hunter

The main villain of Star Wars Rebels may be the crimson blade wielding Inquisitor, but he won’t be the only one hunting down the show’s protagonists. Enter Agent Kallus, the Inquisitor’s right-hand man and nicknamed the “Rebel Hunter.” Kallus will be voiced by David Oyelowo (Rise of the Planet of the Apes, The Butler) when the series premieres later this year.


Kallus is described as an agent of the Imperial Security Bureau (ISB) whose job is to snuff out any form of insurgency and ensure that everyone remains loyal…or they will be “cut out.” Carrie Beck, director of creative content strategy, states that Kallus wants to “achieve something greater,” and he considers victory he secures against the Rebels as “some great prize that will help him move up the ranks of the Empire.” Oh, and don’t worry, Kallus isn’t the typical Imperial officer who gives commands from afar. As fitting of his “hunter” status, he’ll be on the front lines throwing down against the enemy.

Of course, while a villain needs to have an engaging personality, the look is important as well. Luckily for Kallus, he has a very distinct physical trait: the mutton chops. Look at those, they’re magnificent! According to executive producer Dave  Filoni, his look is meant to “to capture that ’70s feeling that was so strong in ‘A New Hope.” That makes sense. Although the Original Trilogy movies are classics, you’d be hard pressed to find mustaches and hairstyles like those nowadays. Props to the Star Wars Rebels crew for keeping those vintage looks intact.

That ' '70s.

That ‘stache…so ’70s.

As for Kallus, he adds a type of ferocity the show needs. Oh sure, we love our Sith Lords/Dark Side users, but it’s also important to have some bad guys who don’t have the Force/otherworldly abilities to turn to. Having a villain be able to kick ass using his own skills is great to watch. Come to think of it, besides Tarkin and Needa, there really weren’t any notable Imperial officers from the Star Wars movies. Kallus barely has any competition, so he’ll be setting the standard for how the cool Imperial officers should act. Like they say in the video (which can be seen in the link below), he’s the token Empire poster boy.

SOURCE: Hero Complex