SPIDER-MAN Comes Home in PHASE 3!?!

Happy holidays fanboys and fangirls! It looks like many of you will get your Christmas wish because all signs seem to be pointing toward Spider-Man becoming part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

With the recent round of continual Sony leaks there’s been a steady amount of information regarding the famed web-slinger and his currently uncertain film future. Sure the corporate heads know that Peter Parker is a viable cash cow that’s just waiting for the right touch, and after two attempts it’s unclear as to whether or not the studio wants to give Marc Webb another shot at box office glory.

Just Hanging Around

According to Screen Gonzo:

…a meeting with executives from Marvel and Sony is to be held in January at Pinewood Studios, where the Avengers, along with numerous other popular movies, [have] been filming. This meeting of the minds will include Kevin Feige and Amy Pascal.

They go on to say that we’ll all be treated with some very good news come February if the talks turn out to be productive. Now get this, according to their source, one of the proposed plans is to put an after credits sequence in Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron which would center around the famed webhead. And then he would be part of the roster just in time for Captain America: Civil War.

Let's call them the Dynamic Duo

Speaking of which the directors, Joe and Anthony Russo, are reportedly very interesting in tackling a new Spider-Man trilogy following their current schedule: The Gray Man for Sony and Avengers: Infinity War Part I and II. Now this does mean that Mr. Andrew Garfield and the current cast would be out of the job but there’s reportedly already a list of potentials that the House of Ideas has in mind.

As it stands Kevin Feige is, reportedly, pleased with the direction of this deal and he has just one adamant request: Avi Arad is out! Which sounds reasonable to me especially considering that Producer’s comments:

I for one don’t see the value for us in it. I think we’re doing such a good job with the Spider-Man Universe. Spider-Man is arguably the number one character in the world. He shouldn’t make a cameo.

What say you my fellow fanboys and fangirls? Are you on board with this? Do you think a deal can be reached?

Sound off with your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below!

Marvel Phase 3

SOURCE: Screen Gonzo

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  • Kondorr

    I do not see the need for spidey to be re-integrated into marvel… honestly…
    BUT if you need to… absolutely HAVE to, then make it count, make it special, but before you make it, please… just please let the sour taste of those “The Amazing Sony Man” films wash away first, before you puke out another new one…
    And make sure Sony will not have any creative rights to eff up the MCU… their involvement should start and end at receiving an unjustifiable amount from Marvel (Spidey ransom).

    • Curt Conners

      if (when) marvel make spidey films, they’ll put them in phase 4, after 2020. that a long enough waiting period?

      • Kondorr

        Yeah… I think that would be great break… and def. a perfect entry point for him.
        To introduce him after Infinty War… not in the middle of the warm up for it. That would be rushed, I guess.