Spider-Gwen #3 Review

With the Vulture still on the lose, Spider-Gwen, has had to make some tough decisions about her life, while living with the guilt of Peter Parker’s death. Will she make it through? Read on to find out more.

The official description from Marvel:

Police Lieutenant Frank Castle is not a man to be trifled with. His new assignment? GET SPIDER-GWEN. ‘Nuff said.


Spider-Gwen is getting more and more intense and interesting with every issue. The main reason that I am really enjoying this series is because she is going through what Spider-Man did but all in a short amount of time. Literally, she is dealing with a death, deciding about being a super heroine, and her family issue. It makes for a great characterization. This issue has all three of these things but, also, a super villain is in the mix. Gwen deals with a lot with her father and the police, which would be simple but guess who is on the police department, “The Punisher”, which is interesting. He isn’t a huge part of the comic but Gwen has some amazing lines with him that brings the power to the ladies and I love it.  I just really cannot get enough of this series. It, also, hits a end thought that will really be exciting to see where it goes.

Jason Latour continues to deliver an amazing comic book and an amazing heroine. He has a way of bringing to life and challenging the audience to look at the super-heroine. It is something that I enjoy and she is a role model for everyone.

Robbi Rodriguez is a wonderful artist and has a fantastic style. It feels like retro 80’s mixed with modern pop music. I know that is odd but it is just the best way to explain it all.

Spider-Gwen #3 is quick, fun, and full of feels.

  • + Gwen is an amazing heroine
  • + The story has a couple of great feels
  • + A new look at the super-heroine
  • + Visually stunning

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