Speculated STAR WARS EPISODE VII Title Is Pretty Generic

After the Star Wars Episode VII cast was announced last week, common sense would dictate that Lucasfilm probably won’t release any other official information for at least a couple weeks or months. Delayed gratification spices up these announcements, after all. However, a week after the big news, we may also know what the title of the seventh installment will be. According to Ain’t It Cool News, Star Wars Episode VII‘s working title will be “The Ancient Fear.” This tile refers to “Max von Sydow’s villain who makes Pazuzu look like a pussy!” For those that don’t know, Pazuzu is the antagonist from The Exorcist.


None of this has been confirmed yet, so it could all be bogus. Let’s see what it does have going for it: it’s three words (like  A New Hope and The Phantom Menace) and it vaguely describes the plot of the film. That’s it. Seriously though, I realize that Star Wars titles have always been short and broad, but this is about as vague and unimaginative as it gets. “Ancient Fear?” At least look through a Thesaurus and come up with more elegant words. “The Archaic Horror.” “The Time-Worn Nightmare.” Okay, those actually aren’t much better, but the title still needs to have more pizazz. If anything, this is just a placeholder.

This, on the other hand, had refined simplicity.

This, on the other hand, had refined simplicity.

Title issue aside, there’s also the quote about Max von Sydow being a villain to consider. Adam Driver was previously rumored to be the main villain, but perhaps we’ll have another Sith master and apprentice scenario in the movie. If Sydow’s character relates to the title, could he be playing an ancient Sith Lord come back to life? Perhaps Darth Palgueis or Darth Bane? Maybe someone from the Old Republic time period? Sith Lords are already intimidating alive, but imagine how terrifying a ghost Sith would be. Luke may need to call on Obi-Wan and the other Force ghosts for help.

All they're doing these days is creeping on Luke.

All they’re doing these days is creeping on Luke.

SOURCE: Ain’t It Cool News