Southern Bastards #8 Review

What caused Euless Boss to go from law abiding football fanatic, to murderous gang leader? Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

The final chapter in the story of how the worst football player in Craw County rose to become “Coach Boss,” and the terrible bloody price he had to pay along the way. Don’t miss the chilling conclusion of “Gridiron,” the second arc in the seminal southern crime series.

Southern Bastards #8Gridiron comes to an end, and with it our look into Coach Boss’ past (for now at least). Moving the story forward several years, this issue shows us how Euless went from the demeaning job of ball boy, to that of coach. Having a gritty, yet dramatic tone, these events show the change that is evident within Euless in the present, with one decision turning him from a rather placid young man, just looking to play football, into a stone cold killer.

Jason Aaron never stops impressing when it comes to Southern Bastards, as just when I think he’s delivered his best, he proves me wrong by bettering himself. Giving a wonderful sense of tension and suspense, Aaron makes it easy to immerse yourself in these events, as though not quite as shocking as prior issues, it fills the gaps, without feeling like filler. The way that he teases the possible future of this story also amazed, as with Big’s sudden twist, and the possible entrance of Earl Tubb’s daughter, Roberta, entering Craw County, there’s plenty to speculate over.

The illustrations of Jason Latour are just as impressive, with his edgy look giving a gritty overtone that’s perfect for this series. Giving a dramatic set of layouts, Latour also allows this to be an eye catching tale, with each page flowing smoothly into the next. It is however his colours that truly shine, with the different palette choice for different time frames, and locations, adding great texture. His pencils also allow for some great symbolism, with the drastic actions of Euless being shown in an impactful way.

Southern Bastards‘ second arc comes to an end, and all I can say is, “bring on the next!” Having an intense, yet dramatic tempo, this culminative chapter of Gridiron is bound to astound, with it’s teasing towards the future leaving this fanboy pumped.

  • + Coach Boss' pivital moments.
  • + Gritty conclusion.
  • + Symbolic art.
  • + Wonderful teaser.

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