SONY Can Save The Spider-Man Franchise by Breaking The Space-Time Continuum

When speaking to Collider, Alfred Molina said if he had to opportunity to play Doctor Octopus again he would “do it… in a heartbeat.”  It is not even debatable that Spider-Man 2 was a masterpiece, and Molina was genius in his portrayal of the tentacled mad scientist.

Molina followed by saying, “the thing is, no actor owns those roles.”   Wait a second, WAAAAIIIIIT ONE SECOND there Molina.  Stop talking so negatively dude.  Let’s be positive.

Why the heck can’t Molina play Octavius again?  The reboot is bombing anyways.  Out of the five Spidey flicks, Amazing 2 was the lowest grossing.  And I guarantee it bombs when it hits video stores tomorrow.  Meanwhile, fanboys and fangirls are still in love with the original trilogy (k, not all the flicks, just the first two).  But what if… WHAT IF… Molina’s Doc Ock finds a way to jump dimensions in the multiverse and go head to head with Andrew Garfield’s teen angsty Twilight Peter.Spider-Verse

Why not, right?  Here is how I would set it up:

After sinking to the bottom of the ocean at the end of Spidey two, Doc Ock gets rescued by some other crazy scientist lunatic (I’m thinking the Jackal).  This new madman or manwoman has found out there are alternative timelines that they can experiment on, and he or she knows how to break the space-time continuum.  BOOM!

Alternate reality crossovers are all the rage in comics and movies today (see Days of Future Past, Age of Ultron, Battle of the Atom and Spider-Verse).   This would be way more entertaining than the current path Marc Webb is heading down.

So Doc Ock crosses over.  In order to achieve his newest crazy goal, he needs to attain the research of Mary and Richard Parker (heck, maybe he needs the Venom symbiote or something cool).  Ock realizes, once again, the man who stands in his way is that damn web head, Spider-Man.  So Octavius assembles the multiverse’s most dastardly villains and, viola, we have the Sinister Six, baby.

This could lead to something similar to the Spider-Verse, where we get to meet other Spider-heroes and heroines… hopefully including Spider-Girl!  Also, imagine this, when Doc Ock journeys into another reality to attain more of his precious tritium, Peter follows him to a dimension where Petey died and the Spidey mantle was taken over by some new kiddo named Miles Morales!  spidermen

Seriously Sony, what do you have to lose?  

Source: Collider