Somebody Made A DANCING BABY GROOT And It’s Amazing!!!

If you’ve yet to see Guardians of the Galaxy, then be forewarned, potential spoilers lie ahead.

Alright, now that the warning’s out of the way, let’s dive into the deets. Some very enthusiastic fanboys and fangirls decided to create their own Baby Groot (because Marvel’s marketing shills are dragging their feet with an actually licensed version of the photosynthetic creature) and it’s absolutely amazing! It’s got everything. Groot’s hip-swinging antics. Michael Jackson’s melodic tunes. Oh, and Groot’s face is really accurate (and insanely adorable). This toy’s spot on.

The fan designers haven’t posted a tutorial yet, but from their brief description, we know a bit about this beastie’s construction. First, they retrieved one of those old, 90’s dancing flowers toys from their mom’s attic. Then, they quickly decapitated it, a la Drax the Destroyer, and replaced the freshly severed flower head with a version of Groot’s lovely visage. We don’t know with which medium they created the sentient tree’s face, but I’d guess modeling clay.

We’ll hunt around the interwebs a bit more for any information regarding this fan construction, and in the mean time, you can give this Baby Groot a go with your own devices. I’m not crafty enough to try for myself. I’ll rely on you dexterous youths, instead!