Season 3 of Ultimate Spider-Man is Swinging Your Way!

Many fans assumed that Ultimate Spider-Man would end after the currently airing second season. Or, maybe Spidey fans were just hoping that the series would end production after season 2. Well, sorry, haters! Season 3 has been confirmed.

Caitlyn Taylor Love, who voices White Tiger in the show, confirmed to TeenInfoNet that she was recording for season 3, which they Tweeted. Joe Quesada had also mentioned this earlier, saying that a third season would be necessary to wrap up all the plot threads.

A lot of people really hate this show, but the general consensus seems to be that season two is better than the first season, so perhaps the third season will bring out Ultimate Spider-Man‘s true potential!

Ultimate Spider-Man, which airs on Disney XD’s Marvel Universe block, premiered April 1 (!) 2012, alongside Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. With a third season, Spider-Man will have more episodes than Young Justice, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, and Green Lantern.

I already know that this fact will leave many people bitter…

Source: CBM


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