SDCC: Man Of Steel Teaser Trailer Leaks

Director Zack Snyder decided to show a juicy new trailer for his Superman reboot Man of Steel at this years San Diego Comic Con, and we’ve managed to get our rotten little hands on it. Featuring Henry Cavill in the those iconic red and blue space jammies, Kevin Costner as Pa Kent (thanks to Cody for the quick smack to the digital cranium), and a very Gladiator-esque voicover by Russell Crowe, this sneak peak is enough to moisten to loins of even the most die-hard Marvel fanboy.

Check it out below!

So whatcha think? There’s a reason Superman is the greatest superhero in the world, and I think this footage just helps to remind us. Hopefully, the film will live up to its potential, because this is easily my most anticipated flick of 2013 (sorry Thor 2… please don’t cry!)

SOURCE: We Got This Covered

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  • Cody

    Dennis Quaid? Did you really just confuse Dennis Quaid… for Kevin Costner?! Kevin Costner is playing Pa Kent.

    • Steve Lemlek

      I completely did mix them. A long long long day of SDCC coverage, and a slight slip of the tongue (or fingers).

      Thanks for correcting! That could have been embarrassing…

  • J

    If the movie sticks to what we see in this trailer, and Snyder tones down the slow motion stuff (some would be ok, but he overdoes it a bit IMO), I see this movie being what we are all hoping for. A more realistic version of Superman. Cavill seems to be great for the part.

    I keep hearing people talk about this being too much like Nolan’s Batman….but honestly, Superman cries out for a little more realism and less cheese. Superman Returns was OK, but let’s face it….the original Reeves Superman was iconic, and that interpretation is best left alone.

    I am excited to see this, and with the end of the epic Nolan Batman series just a few days away, the timing for a new trilogy like this is perfect.

    Thanks for the footage!

    • Steve Lemlek

      I’ve gotta agree with you. IT doesn’t have Snyder’s typical ‘Snyder vision’, which is really exciting. It definitely looks like a Nolan-esque film, and i’m psyched

    • Kenny


      Your post was the most sensible, honest and on-point of any I’ve ever read. I agree humbly with you 100%! I can’t wait to see The Dark Knight Rises and now cannot wait to give Man of Steel the chance it so rightly deserves.

  • Davi

    Oh my god, when the video started playing and there were lions I was like “What is hell is this?!”, then I realized it was an advert…

  • James

    Ya…. There’s no video here. Just an advertisement and then 4 seconds where it says “Springboard” and then nothing… So I’m going to call bullshit.

    • Jasper C-H

      It WAS there, but got removed.