SDCC: Ben Affleck is Making a BATMAN Movie!

batman bat signal dawn of justice

I mean, it’s not as if this wasn’t going to happen.

The day before DC and Warner Bros take to the stage to blow the roof off of Comic-Con with their movie plans, Deadline has broken the news that Ben Affleck will be co-writing and directing a new Batman solo movie for release after Justice League. This is probably one of the things that they were planning on announcing (so they might be a lil’ miffed); the news is cool regardless, but it would have been even cooler coming from Affleck himself.

Note that I said ‘co-writer’. Yup, ol’ Ben isn’t alone – Geoff Johns is in there too. To me, this is a good match. Affleck Ben Affleck and his Oscaris a great writer and will give the script the dark and mature tone that the film needs, but we’ve already seen all of that with the Nolan films. Johns will certainly bring that level of comic-book-y-ness that is vital for the character and make sure it all makes sense in terms of DC lore. He’s quite adept at all of that stuff, since he’s written for the Batman comics and a ton of other DC properties.

The site also say that they should turn in the first draft before the end of the summer, which is great news. The fact that two talents are working so well together gives me great confidnce in the movie and the hope that it’s gonna be f&#king awesome!

As for plot? Well, that’s anybody’s guess. Because it’s post-Justice League the plot could really go anywhere, perhaps being centered around the fallout of whatever happens in that movie, or it could go in an entirely different direction and feel independent from the other movies. We (sadly) won’t know for a while yet, but if a script is gonna be lurking around at the studio by the end of summer then there’s a slight chance something could leak before the end of the year. We’ll have to wait and see.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to drink some liqour and run around in my 9-years-old Batman outfit until I pass out.