PUNISHER Strikes Hell’s Kitchen in DAREDEVIL Season 2 Trailer

It’s been less than a year since Netflix premièred Daredevil and Jessica Jones (which I still haven’t finished), yet we’re only a month away from the second season of the former. How spoilt are we?


Fortunately, it’s looking excellent; the tone is dark and gritty and the vibe I’m getting is seedy and rich – just like with Season 1.

We all know you don’t really give a shit about what I’m saying, so here’s the trailer.

This trailer was very Punisher-centric, which makes sense given the name recognition which Shane- Jon Bernthal holds amongst TV nuts. I would have liked to see a lot more of Matt, Foggy and Karen, but I’m guessing they’ll feature heavily in the second trailer on February 25th.

While I was originally wary of introducing the Punisher as (seemingly) the main villain over continuing the story of Wilson Fisk or expanding on established elements, such as whatever the fuck was going on with Stick, it now feels like a natural progression. Karen is right – Matt’s activities as Daredevil would give rise to other vigilantes, and the logical person to reflect that is Frank Castle.

I am intrigued about how Elektra fits in with this theme. I don’t really have any interesting speculation to offer – surprisingly – so, uh, let’s wait and see?

The Punisher MCU 3

Head back to Hell’s Kitchen on March 18th.