Psylocke, Scarlet Witch And Cable May Stop By X-MEN: APOCALYPSE

If there’s one problem the X-Men film franchise doesn’t have, it’s finding new characters to use for each installment. After 14 years and seven movies, there are still plenty of mutants and other characters that haven’t been introduced yet, and depending on how things go, we may meet a couple of the more well-known ones when X-Men: Apocalypse rolls out in 2016.

In a Q&A with Yahoo!, producer Simon Kinberg mentioned that Psylocke almost made it into X-Men: Days of Future Past. Despite her being written into the script and actors auditioning for the role, the team decided there wasn’t an important role she could play in a movie all ready filled to the brim with mutants. However, Kinberg is open to including her in a future film.

She has a cool power. I know Bryan thinks she’s a neat character so there’s certainly a chance she’ll be in an ‘X-Men’ movie some day. Hopefully there’ll be a lot of ‘X-Men’ movies and there’s lot of mutants we’re yet to fully explore onscreen, even if they’ve had cameos before. Now we’re making more films there’s a chance to dig deeper.


Of course, Psylocke wasn’t the only mutant who didn’t make the Days of Future Past cut. Although her brother Quicksilver played an important (and quite memorable) part in the film, Scarlet Witch only earned a brief mention. Because of the team’s love of Quicksilver, as well as his newfound popularity, Kinberg expressed being open about including Peter’s sister, saying “The more we can do to explore his family, the better.” Kinberg also said that there were talks of including Cable in DOFP, and that the team would “love to find a place for him in these movies.”


All three of these characters are deserving of film appearances, especially Scarlet Witch. With Quicksilver returning for Apocalypse, it would be the perfect opportunity to introduce her. Hey, if both Fox and Marvel have the rights to us the twins, then Fox might as well introduce their own version of Wanda. Maybe give her a costume closer to her comic book incarnation. Quicksilver was awesome in DOFP (many have described him as the breakout star), but that outfit of his is still painful to look at, so let’s try getting his sister’s look right.


There was a character in X-Men: The Last Stand with a similar look and power set to Psylocke, but she’s such an important character in the X-Men comics that it’d be wise for the filmmakers to write this nameless character off and introduce the real Psylocke in a more established role at some point. It wouldn’t be the first time the X-Men films have retconned a character’s first appearance (‘cough’ ‘cough’ Beast ‘cough’). Plus, considering that the films only have five important women (Jean Grey, Storm, Mystique, Rogue, Kitty Pryde), it would be wise of them to include more female mutants in important capacities. As for Cable, I’m all for throwing him into the fun, but only if they keep his time-traveling shtick. They already copped-out with Bishop in DOFP, and I don’t want Cable getting the same treatment. Although, if Apocalypse explores different realities similar to what Age of Apocalypse did, I would be amenable to Cable coming from an alternate universe. See, I’m willing to compromise!


On a final note, Kinberg stated that Apocalypse will be the last entry of the “First Class trilogy,” which has been focused on following the lives of young Charles Xavier, Erik Lensherr, Henry McCoy and Raven Darkholme throughout the decades. So while there will probably be more X-Men films afterwards, don’t expect the Apocalypse follow-up to take place in the early-mid 90s with grunge rock and acid wash jeans.