These NYCC Cosplay Pictures Are Better Than Pizza Topped With Awesomeness

Here are my favorite pics I took of cosplayers at this year’s New York Comic Con.

Note #1: Even though one-forth of the attendees went as Deadpool, I somehow managed to not take a single Deadpool picture.

Note #2: Even though one-forth of the attendees went as Elsa from Frozen, I somehow managed to not take a single Elsa picture.

Note #3: Even though one-forth of attendees went as Harley Quinn, I somehow managed to only take one Harley Quinn picture.

Note #4: Kid cosplayers are way better than normal-people cosplayers.

Note #5: Even though I am a huge wrestling fan of pro-wrestling and so are many other fanboys and fangirls, I am very happy wrestling has not become a major aspect of the cons.  To help keep it this way, I refused to take pictures of anyone dressed as a pro-wrestler, even though there was a totally dope Ultimate Warrior.  There were also excellent coplayers dressed as a Bushwacker, The Million Dollar Man, Mick Foley, Sgt. Slaughter, Hacksaw Jim Duggan and JBL.  Wait a second, those weren’t cosplayers.  Dagnabit, wrestlers are infiltrating my con!

Note #6: I love Korra.

Note #7: That Joker cosplayer (the one chillin’ outside) is freakin’ amazing.  Cast that dude right now.

Credit:  Zatanna is Fangirls Are We, The guy Assassin’s Creed cosplayer is Assassin Grave, Rogue is Josaphine Tam (click on their names to go to their sites.)

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Fine, here are some dang Deadpools (stolen from DMC).dmc