New MGMT #1 Review

Mind MGMT. No. New MGMT. What was old, is new. New and Improved. Keeping humanity, humane.

The official description from Dark Horse:

“MIND MGMT is the best comic out there!”—Jeff Lemire

Matt Kindt brings his game-changing masterpiece MIND MGMT to its astonishing conclusion in this unforgettable one-shot!

The war is over. The world has been changed. But into what?!

* A heart-wrenching standalone epilogue to MIND MGMT!

* Variant cover by Geof Darrow!

Mind MGMT 36 CoverMind MGMT may have ended with issue #35, but the characters live on, in new ways, with different goals – this time, under New MGMT.

The perils in the world haven’t changed, but the way they are dealt with certainly has. And while there is still a secret agency influencing it all, its mandate is based more on the “power of love”, than the “love of power”.

And obviously the notion of love/power is not original here, but certainly fits. I find it a wonderful coincidence that I saw the Hendrix quote as a bumper sticker on the way to work today…Agents [of change] are certainly all around us. And no doubt, Hendrix, Gladstone, Ghose (whomever shall be credited with the love/power sentiments), were among these agents.

Matt Kindt has done it. He literally hand-crafted 1028 pages of amazingly beautiful works of art. He then went so far as to arrange them in the perfect way, becoming the masterpiece that is Mind MGMT. There is no doubt in my mind that we see/read this story in a unique way that is personal to each of us. Matt has managed to include so much in each issue, that the entirety of this work is a treasure trove of “choose your own adventure” feels. I have never seen anyone go above and beyond like Matt has for this comic. He really has redefined “comics”, here.

Mind MGMT 36 Preview 8

This epilogue was a fitting end to a series that never dropped below 10/10. It was the perfect ending. Hell, it was the perfect beginning. Either way, and most importantly, you are not left with an empty feeling. Instead, you are left with a full heart; a full mind; a sense of completion.

Oh, and please do take the time to read the HELP ME column on the last page of this issue – Matt reveals what it takes to create and complete a work of this magnitude. Simply amazing.

Finally, I am honored to have been on this journey – with the characters, with the creators, and with you, the readers. The tale of Mind MGMT will be forever etched in my memory, as one of the greatest stories ever told.

There is nothing more that I can say, other than, “Thank you, Matt.”

  • + Matt has done it! 1028 pages of Mind MGMT, in 3 years!
  • ++ Words cannot describe the perfect collection of feels!
  • -+ FINAL and AMAZING Issue!

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