Mind MGMT #35 Review

Mind MGMT: There is No redemption without survival; No survival without existence; No existence without compassion.

The official description from Dark Horse:

Meru and the small resistance she has assembled are too late. Mind Management is operational, with orders to remake the world. In a last-ditch effort, Meru fights her way through a reality shaped by the Eraser, in the oversized conclusion to “The Immortals”!

“This is the final arc and everything is coming together fabulously.”—Multiversity Comics

Mind MGMT 35 CoverHere we are – the final battle.

Each of the previous 34 issues (plus the two DHP mini-MGMT stories) feed what you are about to experience here, in issue 35.

This is NOT a good jumping on point for new readers. I strongly encourage anyone just starting out with Mind MGMT to take a week, sit back, relax, start from the beginning, and prepare yourself for something amazing.

Then, come back to this issue, the amazing will be waiting for you.

Now, before I go into my usual “super-praise mode” about the issue, I want to address The Editor of Mind MGMT, Brendan:

Thank You! Your “how I became the editor of Mind MGMT” story in the “HELP ME” column of this issue was fantastic. And much needed for my emotional and mental state. Oddly enough, it coincided closely (though at a significantly lesser degree) with how my relationship started with the series. It was assigned to me. Or, how I see it – Mind MGMT “found” me. And when I reflect back on all the “what ifs”, I cannot see a reality without Me + Mind MGMT in it – that is how much Matt, and this series has influenced and inspired my life. Finally, and not to sound overly dramatic (but I will), without this series, I would have given up on comics long ago…So, Thanks. And of course, infinite thanks to Matt!

Now for something not too completely different…

Mind MGMT 35 Preview 2

Matt Kindt could have done a million different (probably more) things with this ending. He chose…wisely. He chose…compassion. He chose…to be true to all the important things in life. And he did it in a way that makes sense for the entire story to this point. As you read these final pages, you get the sense of every written word, drop of paint, and spilled mocha that went into the entire series.

Mind MGMT 35 Preview 4

The art is as inspirational as usual. And as we have come to expect. Each page is a masterpiece. A handcrafted water-colored masterpiece. And if for some reason it doesn’t impress you, just remember – Matt cranked out 32+ pages of writing and painting every month for over three years – JUST FOR MIND MGMT! Never skipping a beat. And it is not like this was his only book in that time-frame. I do not have the full catalog, but there were dozens of other non-MGMT issues (and even HC) releases bearing his name in the past three years…He is an astonishing human being.

Mind MGMT 35 Preview 5

Where do we go from here?

Prepare yourself, you will be blown away!

Mind MGMT 35 Preview 6

Then…pick up the pieces that are left, and make the best of a world under NEW MGMT.

Mind MGMT is, was, and forever will be, a story that enables all your senses to experience more. More from a medium that could have easily gone stale without geniuses like Matt. Happily, and instead, each month we were refreshed with something NEW. Something DIFFERENT. Something MORE.

  • + Matt proves why he is "One of a Kindt"!
  • + Amazing ties to previously introduced characters!
  • -+ Penultimate Issue!

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