Mind MGMT #34 Review

Everything ends. Everyone Dies. Some things never get the chance to be remembered. Mind MGMT.

The official description from Dark Horse:

Meru and the team infiltrate the new Mind Management HQ, only to be drawn into a psychic battlefield combining the talents of multiple enemy agents! Plus, the origin of the Eraser’s right-hand man!

“MIND MGMT is smart, deeply detailed and captivating on so many levels.”—Geeked Out Nation

Mind MGMT 34 CoverThis issue deserves an 11 out of 10. Hell, most of the Mind MGMT issues do, but this one, and what I can only guess about the next one – yikes – I need a new scale.

I am having a hard time describing how I feel after experiencing the content of this issue. We have such a broad surface area of characters to care about, and all of them are in one place. One place that has all the bad guys. All the most powerful bad guys.

Matt Kindt has brought us to feels in the past, but something tells me, we haven’t seen anything yet. The pacing of this issue is particularly suspenseful. I mean, you go in knowing that this is the second to last issue on this side of the veil (before NEW MGMT). You know that characters you care about, or didn’t know you cared about, are going to get hurt / eliminated. You just don’t know who, when, or how.

Mind MGMT 34 Preview 1

It is no coincidence that the final battle takes place in a building with multiple levels. There is definitely a “no going back” feel to each phase of the battle, especially as characters start getting separated – serving their ultimate purpose…

Mind MGMT 34 Preview 4

I am not going to give any more away. But as one of my favorite pages in this issue, and the series, is an available preview page, I thought I would share it here as well. To me, the following page embodies the evolution of both Matt’s art throughout the series, as well as that of Meru, our heroine.

Mind MGMT 34 Preview 6

One more issue. One more issue of Mind MGMT. Let that sink in.

Sure, we will get one more after that, but that is NEW MGMT. An Epilogue.

Either way, I think it is going to take at least a month for me to prepare – for the end. The end of what has been setup to be the best story in comics. Ever.

Oh, by the way, pretty neat “Second Floor” page this month, huh?

  • + Matt Kindt has set this amazing story up for quite an epic ending!
  • + The Much Anticipated Conclusion of Triple Indemnity Back-Story!
  • + Mind Mitt!
  • -+ Only 1 more issue; then NEW MGMT #1!

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