Mind MGMT #33 Review

Are you prepared to witness the end of Mind MGMT?! 

The official description from Dark Horse:


Every mystery, every revelation, every backstory, every death has led to this—Meru and a handful of former agents make their final stand against the Eraser and her rebuilt Mind Management!

* The A.V. Club’s Best Ongoing of 2014!

“MIND MGMT is still one of the best series on the stands, and by the time it’s done it’ll be on every comic fan’s ‘must read’ list right next to Watchmen, Saga,and Fables.”—Comic Bastards

Mind MGMT 33 CoverWell, you better be. Because we only have this, and three other issues left! And if you have been looking at the upcoming issues on the Dark Horse site, it is really this issue (33), 34, 35, then “NEW MGMT #1” – the standalone Epilogue to Mind MGMT.

You can bet, whatever Matt Kindt has in store for us, it will be the best possible thing. Ever. Well in my humble opinion anyway. And really – I thought that at some point since I started the whole “every issue is better than the last” thing, it would slow down. But it did not.

This issue? AMAZING.

It is told like one of those heist movies where you get the explanation and the execution of what is going to happen at the same time that it is happening. Which happens to be one of my favorite storytelling/experiencing techniques!

And if you are wondering how Matt could pull such a thing off – wonder not. The flow of the story is expertly crafted, to include relevant [and heartwarming near-present] flashbacks, filling in some necessary blanks.

Mind MGMT 33 Preview 3

And if that wasn’t enough, we finally get an inkling on how Henry’s “eyesight” works!

Mind MGMT 33 Preview 1

The Art – As always, Matt’s style defines the word “inspiration”. And the fact that he has HAND PAINTED nearly 1000 pages towards this series, just blows my mind. Every page, a work of art. Someone should definitely create a travelling art gallery just for his Mind MGMT collection…

Mind MGMT 33 Preview 6

Like the rest of you devoted Mind MGMT readers, I am both excited and saddened by the end of this series. I can honestly say that reading and reviewing this series has changed my life. I am more inspired because of it, and any concept I had of “comics” has been redefined, forever.

Until next issue…

  • + Matt Kindt at his finest!
  • + Triple Indemnity Back-Story Payoff!
  • + The team is back together!?!
  • - Only 3 more issues!

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