Meet Every BATMAN Villain Ever in One Handy Infographic

Infographics are fun, right? There’s always super-geeky ones popping up here and there – like the one explaining whether the flux capacitator or an arc reactor is more powerful. Sometimes topics like that are so expansive that it’s hard to nail ’em down in one big block of text, so it’s much easier to just slap it onto a pretty image. When it comes to comics, it’s incredibly difficult to keep track of everything as a lot of them have been going for over half a century.

Fortunately, you don’t need to!

Halloween Costumes put together this neat little infographic for Batman’s rogues gallery, which is pretty fucking massive and certainly one of the best out of both Marvel and DC – perhaps the best.

Did you know that iconic enemies such as Catwoman and Joker weren’t introduced until 1940, a year after Batman first appeared on the pages of Detective Comics? Or that there have only ever been three years where a new villain wasn’t created? I bet you didn’t.

Check it out below!

Rogues Gallery: A Timeline of Batman Comic Villains
Yeah, it’s pretty big.