HULK aka The Forgotten AVENGER

We all know Marvel has pulled off the impossible with their connected cinematic universe, even without their biggest guns. We all fell in love with Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man. We learned Chris Hemsworth‘s name after Thor. Then there’s Guardians of the Galaxy, an obscure comic book team that includes a talking raccoon and walking tree both of which no one ever expected to be taking seriously, but we did.

Each movie resonated with us as they spawned numerous sequels, however one of the original Avengers fell short. It could be because the movie was technically released by  Universal Studios, or its lead actor’s fallout after the film wrapped, either way The Incredible Hulk movie hasn’t been given any attention since Phase One finished.

Mark Ruffalo the Green Eyed Avenger

That’s not to say that the Hulk hasn’t remained popular. In fact, the he became one of the best parts of the superhero crossover fest. So popular that everyone thought a sequel for the angry green giant would hit theaters soon after, but no! Instead we are forced to wait, which is not fair. There are plenty of ways bring Banner back. Hell the Hulk could lead his own team and face villains that could pose a threat, not only to the monster, but the other Avengers as well.

I’ve always had trouble accepting a new actor in an established role, like when Don Cheadle replaced Terrence Howard as Rhodey, or when Maggie Gylinhal took over Rachel Dawes from Katie Holmes. However, in this case, the change in appearance could be explained in future Marvel films. They could have a scene where Bruce Banner says his body had been changing over time so that it could adjust to the “hulk out” episodes.

If we believe a little dude can transform into a giant rage monster then this can be explained. Which could lead to Betty Ross and her father, Thunderbolt Ross, and even Samuel Stern. There were rumors that Abomination could have appeared in the upcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron, but talks ultimately fell short.

The Incredible Hulk

The Incredible Hulk has been treated like the “red headed stepchild” which sucks because the film, while not the best, is still pretty damn entertaining. We got to see the Hulk go up against an enemy that was an actual threat plus different attempts at duplicating Captain America‘s serum. We were given hints at future villains (The Leader) and heroes (Doc SamsonMarvel shouldn’t act like it didn’t happen!

They can easily explain that the gamma radiation caused Banner to become the Hulk, and slowly changed his appearance so that his body could handle the transformation. Whatever the case, Marvel quit ignoring The Incredible Hulk, because it IS a part of the Cinematic Universe, and we enjoyed it, so don’t be ashamed anything’s better then that 2003 movie.

Hulk in the Avengers