Marvel Studios Moon Knight Spoilers: Werewolves Coming?

Marvel Studios Moon Knight Spoilers: Werewolves are coming to the MCU. Werewolves in Marvel Studios movies and Disney+ series, *cough* Moon Knight. At least, that’s what this potential leak would have us believe. To find out how and where, stay tuned after the jump.

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Alright, let’s dive into this story.

According to a new potential leak that’s hit the internet, Jack Russell, aka The Werewolf By Night, will make an appearance in Disney+’s mysterious new Moon Knight flick…. well, I guess tv series. (check out our leak about Falcon and Winter Soldier here, btw).

Now, a lot of our viewers aren’t really familiar with Moon Knight. He occupies a really dark corner of the Marvel Universe. But I’m sure even fewer of us know much about Jack Russell.

So I’m just going to take the best bits of his history and sum it up for you.

Jack Russell is basically a Lycan. Like from the Underworld series. Remember how there were a ton of different noble lineages of vampires and lycans. Well, Jack Russell is a long lost descendant of a proud line of werewolves. His curse manifests itself just before his 18th birthday. On the full moon of the month, and the day before and after, he transforms into a werewolf. Sometimes he’s a good guy, working alongside heroes like Iron Man. And sometimes he just eats people, like any classic horror baddie from classic comic books.

Actually, it’s in his comics that Moon Knight first appears in 1975. So the thought of vampires and werewolves might be strange in the Marvel cinematic universe (even though the Blade reboot will soon arrive), Werewolf by Night is integral to Marc Spector, aka Moon Knight’s origins in comics.

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