Leaked Man of Steel Footage – Higher Quality

I’m sure most of you have seen The Dark Knight Rsies by now (but if not… for shame!), and if you have, then you’ve probably had a chance to see the new Man of Steel trailer. With more than a year until that flick’s release, we should be more than content with the few bits and pieces that Warner Bros. is willing to share… but, then again, that wouldn’t be quite our style.

In order to quench our Kryptonian thirst, we’ve managed to get our hands on a bit of extended footage that was exclusively shown at this year’s San Diego Comic Con, featuring tons of new footage from Zac Snyder’s space jammie filled epic.

Be warned… this is still not HD quality, but it’s better than most versions you’ll find around the net. Give it a looksy below:

So what do you think? Those brief glimpses of Superman’s brawl with Zod were more than enough to engorge my fanboy loins.

Yea, I took it there.