Kyle MacLachlan Just Joined AGENTS OF SHIELD In A Big Way

I find it very hard to get excited about Agents of SHIELD news these days. Funny enough, I don’t hate the show, unlike many of my peers here at Unleash the Fanboy. The series did improve in the latter half of the season, but it still has a long to go to becoming great…and I mean a really long way. Until I see those improvements, I’m staying cautious.

Because of this, I haven’t been very thrilled by the recent season 2 casting announcements other than Lucy Lawless. Forget Xena, #3 is going to be on the show (please consult a Battlestar Galactica fan if you don’t get the reference)! However, another notable actor was announced today that had me intrigued. io9 originally reported that Kyle MacLachlan (Twin Peaks, Portlandia) would guest-star as a character known as The Doctor. No, he’s not playing the titular character from Doctor Who, but it was still fun to see that another legendary TV actor is joining the fray…but that wasn’t the end of it.


TV Line is now reporting that MacLachlan will be recurring as Skye’s father in the upcoming season. For those that need a refresher, one of the mysteries in season 1 concerned Skye’s past. Dropped off at an orphanage as a baby, she never knew who her parents were, both of whom were thought to be dead. However, the last scene of season 1 showed villainess Raina meeting with a mysterious man who was covered in blood: Skye’s father.


With her father joining in the SHIELD antics, this likely means we’ll get more details on why Skye has been labeled as an 0-8-4, a.k.a. object of unknown origin. Let’s not sugarcoat it: Skye is a fairly annoying character, and while I hope the writers improve her for season 2, the only reason I’m still remotely interested in her is to figure out what exactly she is. MacLachlan’s character should shed some, if not all, light on the mystery. Plus, if this guy is the “monster” that he was described as, then it will be a fun ride watching MacLachlan antagonize our protagonists.


SOURCE: io9 and TV Line