JASON Will Torment New Campers in FRIDAY THE 13TH TV Series?

Friday the 13th has always been a horror film icon, ruling the big screen. It seems the franchise’s next conquest could be the small screen!

Crystal Lake Entertainment has reportedly made a deal with Oasis Films to create a “dramatic” series based off the popular horror series. To the caution of some fans, it seems the show will be quite different from the films; reported to be “contemporary”, focusing on “eclectic characters”, the executive producer, Sean S. Cunningham has mentioned that the show will go in “exciting new directions”, which is usually code for, “we’re changing stuff for no reason!”.

Sci-fi writers Bill Basso and Jordu Schell have been tasked with scripting duties, which will apparently feature Jason in various time periods. Does this mean time travel? Will Jason’r origin be altered? Does he have tons of ancestors? I don’t know, but I have a feeling these alterations will just scare fans off.


Interestingly, a remake was announced a while back. Its unknown if this show will tie in with that, or not.

The Friday the 13th franchise already has twelve whole films, some comics, and some video games. In the 90s, there was a horror TV show named Friday the 13th: The Series, but infamously, it had no connection to the films. Let’s hope this show ends up differently, eh?

Are you guys excited for this? Or are you tired of mediocre shows based off films?


Source: Bloody Disgusting