IXth Generation #3 Review

What will happen when Aphrodite IX is faced with a true being of the Darkness? Read on to find out.

The official description from Top Cow:

The Darkness returns!

IXG003_covBsocialSince the Aphrodite IX/Cyber Force crossover, it’s been evident that the Artifacts are going to be a big part of the IXth Generation. That’s definitely been the case over the first couple of issues, and even more so in this first. Having already introduced the Darkness and the Witchblade to the future of the Top Cow Universe, as well as Jackie Estacado and Sara Pezzini’s daughter, Hope, the series has quickly embraced these magnificent objects, with the showcasing of Angelus in this only exacerbating this.

Matt Hawkins may be taking his time in building momentum, with Aphrodite IX achieving this much quicker, but that hasn’t stopped him from keeping fans intrigued. The way that this fabulous scribe plays with the Artifacts that make the Top Cow Universe is pure genius, as though the impatient fan within wants to see more, from a storytelling perspective, it makes much more sense in pacing things out. Hawkins also continues to give marvellous development to Aphrodite, as though our green haired heroine has come a long way since her times in Aphrodite IX, there is still a strong sense of good within her.

I don’t know how Stjepan Šejić does it, but no matter how many comics he works on at once, he always seems to amaze, as having Death Vigil and Sunstone on top of this, as well as recently Rat Queens (and that’s not including all them beautiful covers he creates for the likes of He-Man and Pathfinder), the artist must have limited free time to himself. That being said, us fans are eternally grateful, with the sensational style being a wonder to behold. Giving great character emotion, as well as dramatic depth of story, Šejić continues to make IXth Generation shine, as though Hawkins imaginative script is the lifeblood of this series, Šejić’s art is most certainly the veins it runs through.

IXth Generation continues to be a strong expansion of the Top Cow Universe, as though there’s still a lot to explore within this intriguing concept, the development so far has been truly magnificent. Between the dramatic scripting, and majestic art, this is a series that everyone must try at least once, with this issue coming highly recommended.

  • + Great backstory.
  • + Hope is a brilliant addition.
  • + Stjepan Šejić delivers magnificent art as ever.
  • - A little anticlimactic at times.

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