Indiana Jones Was A Rip-Off and Here’s the Proof

We all know that Indiana Jones is an homage to the golden era of Hollywood and it’s action-adventure serials. By George Lucas and Steven Spielberg’s own admission, that was one of their most earnest goals throughout the entire series.

Well, maybe they tried a little too hard. In this eye-opening video, a mash-up of Hollywood flicks dating as far back as 1919 are played alongside the opening sequence of Raiders of the Lost Ark and the similarities are…striking. I wouldn’t go as far as claiming that Spielberg ripped off the older serials….f*** that, Spielberg ripped them off. Even though he was trying to show his reverence for these antiquated films, there’s no way that this obvious copying can be excused.


Does that make the Indy flicks any less awesome? Certainly not. But it does detract from Spielberg’s god-like status. To those of you saying, “But what does that mean about George Lucas?”…if you haven’t already disregarded that hack, then let this little epiphany be the tipping point.

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