Howard the Duck #2 Review

Can this hilarious Duck continue to capture the hearts of comic fans? Read on to find otu.

The official description from Marvel:

Howard’s first big case has taken him across the universe and landed him in the clutches of THE COLLECTOR! But he’s not alone as the very popular ROCKET RACOON is a prisoner as well! Have you ever seen a comic book sequel to a post-credits scene in a movie? Well, you will now! Join comics legend STAN LEE in reading this issue (I’m assuming he’ll read it. Hi Stan!)!

Howard the Duck #2 variantHoward the Duck returned in tremendous fashion! No, I’m not talking about the fun little cameo he had in Guardians of the Galaxy, but rather the brand, spanking new series he’s in at Marvel. Giving us a fun, quirky tale that’s not scared of going over the top, the opening issue more than thrilled. This continues into the series’ second comic, as though the appearance of the Guardians of the Galaxy left a slightly level of disappointment, the chance to see Howard and Rocket Raccoon exchange quips was fantastic.

Chip Zdarsky continues to do a fantastic job of writing Howard the Duck, but boy is he bad at writing the Guardians of the Galaxy. Now, I get that this writing style has to fit with the tone of Howard the Duck, but can’t that be achieved whilst keeping the Guardians somewhat in character. Despite this, Zdarsky still gives some fun, humorous moments, as though I much preferred the quick witted dialogue, and fluid antics of the first issue, this is a solid follow-up. He also delivered some neat reference jokes, with Howard’s mention of “Duck Dynasty” being my personal favourite.

The visuals on this series also continue to astound, with the fun, zany style of Joe Quinones perfectly fitting the story. This continues into this second issue, as though the finish is a little off at times, the general layout is extremely fun. Unfortunately this doesn’t transition into the Guardians, as though Rocket is handled with great precision, the other members feel rather dull, and less imposing as usual. The vibrant colours from Rico Renzi also continues to compliment both the tone of the art, and script, with it helping this tale to leap off the page.

Howard the Duck continues to be a hilarious read, with the fun antics of this talking duck being extremely entertaining. The interaction, and different characteristics also allow him to be an interesting character, and though the Guardians of the Galaxy are misused, the overall issue is still awesome.

  • + Crazy action.
  • + Hilarious throughout.
  • + Lively art.
  • - Guardians of the Galaxy weren't needed.

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