HE-MAN Movie Loses Director

This type of thing always puts some people on the fence.  Are you happy?  Are you sad?  The He-Man movie (once reported to be titled Greyskull) has had its director drop out.  IndieWire is reporting that director Jon M. Chu has left the project; no reason was given.  Chu, however, has been linked to a third GI Joe movie and has been part of the ‘talks’ involving a third Star Trek.  The young director is probably most famous for his production work, but he also directed GI Joe: Retaliation (as well as doing some stuff with Justin Bieber; this does not help Jon’s cause).

This He-Man project seems to be doomed.  It is an easy thing to screw up and it seems the studio is really being careful with its Master of The UniverseIndieWire also reported that another writer was brought in recently.  Seems to be some script problems going on here.  Terry Rossio, the writer of all the Pirates of The Caribbean movies (ok) and The Lone Ranger (not so ok), has been brought in on the fun.

Here is hoping they can get He-Man figured out and up on the big screen for us to see.  A ton of fanboys and girls grew up with this show; it would be nice if they could give us something to tingle the old nostalgia sensor.  Keep your fingers crossed guys.


Source: IndieWire

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