Hannibal delivered another bloody delicious episode this week as a dark force of nature discovered the secret of Dr. Hannibal Lector. This show has been in a constant state of awesome since the first episode. Upon further examination of the credit sequence in the first few moments, showrunner Bryan Fuller has a co-writer credit on the episode. This may remind some of cable shows like Mad Men or Breaking Bad where showrunners are deeply involved in each and every script. An artist sharing their direct vision with the audience is deeply exciting for the viewer, and no doubt improved the incredible script in this episode. A great touch that this show has done from episode one, is including the Silence Of The Lambs font and style on the opening credits. At the end of the day its the small things like the ones mentioned above that show the immense quality of this incredible show. Each hour that viewers spend with this cast of characters, they are gifted with more insight into these perverse individual.

This week a performer sought a new audience, the concert hall! The performer in question is simply named Tobias. He owns a music shop and makes strings for different woodwind instruments. Saying anything more would ruin the interesting parts of this episode. Dr. Lector thoroughly enjoys cooking for everyone, even certain individuals whom he is not quite fond of. This simple notion was taken to whole different level this week. Even though all of these characters had narrative arcs that wrapped up this week, there short appearances were handled with care and were very interesting. Hannibal has often been compared by the differences between himself and the others around him. This week he sought the advice of his doctor about why he thinks Graham is worthy of his friendship. A question like this is enticing and was focused on throughout this hour. It was done so by means of someone who is not worth his friendship, the aforementioned Tobias. The exact point of interest to which the doctor made his decision was even before he invited the performer for dinner.

Sociopaths are some of the most interesting human beings alive, simply for their sheer sense of confidence. Most of them seem to be some of the smartest people alive today as they are often portrayed in film and television. Will is having some incredibly important revelations this week as a bogeyman began to haunt his nightmares. Garrett Jacob Hobbs is beginning to walk across the profiling visions of our main character. This first season so far has revolved around the deceased serial killer who momentarily serves as a black fog around the show. When the walls of reality begin to crumble around the protagonist, Hobbs will be there in the front row clapping. Thinking about how Will is not appropriate for love or dating was insightful, as Dr. Bloom analyzed her patient until there was nothing left. The climax of the episode dealing with the violence was masterfully dealt with. Killing the audio when the action reached it’s peak is the most dangerous part of this show. Viewers must be paying attention to let the real horror sink in. The doctor knew exactly how to wrap up the situation with a beautiful bow when the police came. He also had an answer to why his friendship with Will was indeed valid, and this incredible episode drew a curtain.


  • Trunchbull

    “Makes strings for different woodwind instruments”? I think that’s a bit inaccurate. Otherwise great review, I agree with it!

  • Farvahar

    Great Review Alex, I totally agree and I will give this another awesome episode five out of Five. Indeed Brilliant.

  • Farvahar

    BTW I really liked the fight scene, pretty much what would be expected of two great predators who are skillful in the case of hunting down their prays, and totally speechless performances from the elite cast of the show coupled with Fantastic Cinematography, to me this show is elegant.