Grimm Fairy Tales #107 Review

Is this issue worth a purchase? Read on to find out.

The official description from Zenescope:

Sela’s duties once again take her away from Arcane Acre when former HiboCorp agent, Jessica Ciampo, approaches her with a dangerous task. Back at the school, a spirit appears to Ali with a message for Hailey. A new evil rears its head at Arcane Acre and before sun falls, it will strike out against the students.

Grimm Fairy Tales 107_Variant CoverWhat makes this title still relevant is the fact that release after release keeps a rather consistent tone with enough personality to win over a devoted audience. And as this issue gets rolling the world beyond a currently running event offers some rather interesting wrinkles that are bound to have an impact. More importantly our young cast continues to learn and grow as they decide to understand or avoid each other.

Joe Brusha and Ralph Tedesco work with script writer Pat Shand to bring about the latest entry of Grimm Fairy Tales and the results are quite good. Ever since #101 landed the flagship title from Zenescope Entertainment has been playing with a refreshed roster in a world beyond the Age of Darkness. Add in smart dialogue and an evolving plot and what fans are treated with is a quality outing that understands its boundaries and finds the gumption to push against them.

The visuals are well structured and to the point, as Andrea Meloni crafts pages and panels that are in keeping with the style of the franchise. From Sela to her students, each character is adorned with the right level of attention as this arc blazes on. And even though this outing is mostly dialogue, the pictures helped to hold my interest, even as the text referenced topics that weren’t fresh in my mind. The vibrant colors helped, especially when we got a tease toward the terror that awaits the school next month.

Grimm Fairy Tales #107 represents a comic that’s over a hundred issues old, but thanks to the current status quo, feels new reader friendly. Add in the sheer entertainment value and this easily comes recommended.

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