Cartoon Network and DC’s short-lived but well-received Green Lantern: The Animated Series is heading to pristine Blu-ray. Considering the CGI animation was praised for its portrayal of space, this is a good example of a show that needed an HD release!

Warner Archive Collection, a subsidiary of Warner Bros. Home Entertainment, will be releasing all 26 episodes of the series in one Blu-ray set on March 18. No special features have been announced yet (although for a show like this, that may not matter!)


Green Lantern: The Animated Series aired on Cartoon Network’s DC Nation block alongside Young Justice from November 2011 to March 2013. After initial hesitance, the show quickly gained fans alongside critical praise, and ended up getting three Annie Award nominations.

The show starred the voice talents of Josh Keaton, Kevin Michael Richardson, Grey DeLisle, and Jason Spisak as Hal Jordan, Kilowog, Aya, and Razer respectively. The series followed the group as they attempted to defeat the Red Lanterns.

As the first ever Green Lantern TV series (and the first DC CGI animated series), fans were naturally upset when Cartoon Network canceled the show after only one season, alongside Young Justice. Not to get anyone’s hopes up, but maybe if this sells well…

Warner Archive Collection has also been releasing Beware the Batman on Blu-ray. I think there is a good chance that we’ll also get Blu-rays for Young Justice.

I also reviewed various episodes of Green Lantern: TAS here on Unleash The Fanboy, so check them out if you’re interested!


Source: World’s Finest