GOTHAM Releases First Official Image Of Harvey Bullock

Filming on Gotham has started, and we’ve already gotten first looks at characters like James Gordon and Oswald Cobblepot (The Penguin) through leaked set photos. Now the show has released its first official character image, and it’s of gruff, seasoned detective Harvey Bullock, portrayed by Donal Logue. Check it out!

Bat-Signal in the top right corner, anybody?

Bat-Signal in the top right corner, anybody?

Bullock will be Gordon’s partner and mentor in the show, and is described as “a rough-around-the-edges old school detective who plays loose with police procedure.” The next character pic will released on Friday through Gotham‘s social media pages. While Logue’s profile shot is the first official image released by the show, we got our first look at him two days ago through a leaked set photo.

Ben's upset he doesn't look as cool as Logue.

Ben’s upset he doesn’t look as cool as Logue.

I’m chocking Logue’s Bullock as a win for the show. It’s amazing how the simple things can really make an actor look like the comic character. The hat he’s wearing, the red tie, the grizzled appearance, these are all classic Bullock. It remains to be seen whether Logue will be able to pull off Bullock’s demeanor, but I remain optimistic given his acting experience.

So far that makes two wins and one fail for the Gotham character looks. Penguin is a bit too slender, but the nose bird-like appearance is spot-on, and I’m sure in the coming years he’ll start putting on weight. As for Gordon, I’m just pissed off they didn’t give him his mustache. Just because you’re a rookie cop doesn’t mean you can’t rock the stache!

SOURCE: Variety